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Die + Shinya + Kai

A Die/Shinya/Kai pairings community

Die, Shinya & Kai
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Welcome to Die + Shinya + Kai, a community for both the threesome and the pairings within the threesome (aka DiexShinya, DiexKai and ShinyaxKai).

Disclaimer: This community is in no direct way related to Die, Shinya, Kai, Dir en grey or the Gazette. The relationship between the three of them is fictional and meant for entertaining purposes only.
Be nice. We don't tolerate any flames or being rude towards other members.
Use English in your comments, mostly at least.
Any unwanted/rule breaking/offending posts and comments will be deleted. If a person breaks the rules they will be warned or banned, depending on the seriousness of the situation.
When posting fanarts, wallpapers and such, remember to use the LJ-cut.
Advertising your community is allowed as well, as long as you remember to use the LJ-cut and it has something to do with any of them (that isn't a pairing with one of the three of them in it).
There might be some sort of challenges at some point.

If you feel the need to contact us use the Shout-Out Entry.
You can post here:

fanfictions fanarts icons wallpapers pictures websites
and pretty much everything related to Die, Shinya and/or Kai

When posting a fic:

Use the posting format presented below, or at least something similar to it.

In your subject line, include at least the title.

Title; Chapters; Author; Pairing(s); Rating; Genre; Warnings (this is important: if your fic has something you suspect some of us would not want to read this is the place you warn about it); Summary; Comments

Then place your fic inside the LJ-cut.
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